Protect bees and their ecosystem.

equipe beeodiversityHistorical overview

The BeeOdiversity project was born out of Dr Bach Kim Nguyen's desire to protect bees and their ecosystem. Bach Kim is an internationally renowned expert on the demise of the bee. He wrote a doctoral thesis exclusively dedicated to this issue. Bach Kim is a member of numerous national and international committees of experts and was a research and teaching assistant at the University of Liège (Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech).

Adamant that the conclusions of his doctoral thesis should not just remain confined to paper, he decided to set up BeeOdiversity in 2012 together with 3 associates he had met at a management course, Michaël van Cutsem, Emmanuel Lion and Olivier le Hodey.

Emmanuel, Olivier and Michael have extensive experience in project and corporate management. They shared Kim's passion for societal entrepreneurship.


At the service of the common good

The project is in keeping with the societal entrepreneurship movement, i.e. entrepreneurship at the service of the common good. Even though BeeOdiversity is a commercial entity, its main aim is a social and environmental one.

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