Beeodiversity is a social and environmental project.

The project is in keeping with the societal entrepreneurship movement, i.e. entrepreneurship at the service of the common good. Even though BeeOdiversity is a commercial entity, its main aim is a social and environmental one. The BeeOdiversity values are:

Beeodiversity - Durabilité


BeeOdiversity is a sustainable and self-financing social and environmental project. Based on the conviction that there are not enough resources for education, social and professional reintegration, the disadvantaged and the numerous other sectors that depend on public funds as it is, we wish to run this project together with our partners and without having to call on subsidies that could be put to good use for other causes.

Beeodiversity - innovation


Innovation of the model, governance and services are essential if we want to serve the purpose and guarantee the continuity of BeeOdiversity.

Beeodiversity - globalité


An ecosystem is a whole! To generate global change, we advocate a holistic approach to all our projects and make it our business to unite all the stakeholders concerned.

Beeodiversity - integrité


The project stems from a deep friendship between Bach Kim Nguyen and the bee and from a sincere desire to preserve the species.

"Friendship is rarer than love and requires  absolute integrity".

Serge Gainsbourg



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