Expo Wave - From 21 to 25 November 2016 - Brussel

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BEEODIVERSITY organised BeeWeek in partnership with the European Parliament. This event brings specialists from across the world and politicians together to identify the issues associated with the preservation of bees and to come up with solutions to stem their demise.

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International Day for Biological Diversity

BEEODIVERSITY organised the International Day for Biological Diversity, or World Biodiversity Day, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme. We had the honour of welcoming high-quality guest speakers (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Natagora, Natuurpunkt, FWA, FUGEA, Natagriwal, Spadel, Le Soir, Ecosem, Gembloux Agro-Biotech and Ignace Schops Goldman Prize Winner, Ashoka Fellow, Climate Leadership Corps) to debate the issue of biodiversity in agriculture.

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Monitoring bee losses

In partnership with the Universities of Liège and Ghent, BEEODIVERSITY is monitoring honeybee losses in Belgium. This monitoring is essential if the situation is to be followed up properly and the appropriate solutions are to be implemented.

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Gifting of bee colonies

BEEODIVERSITY has given tens of swarms to beekeepers and training apiaries that sustained losses.

BEEODIVERSITY also puts bee colonies at the disposal of scientists for research purposes.


Bach Kim Nguyen has hosted numerous courses, training sessions and conferences for beekeepers and veterinary surgeons.

National and international committees

Bach Kim Nguyen sat on numerous national and international committees seeking to find lasting solutions to preserve bees.


BEEODIVERSITY has organised activities for schools and non-profit organisations catering for disadvantaged children.

Open Day

BEEODIVERSITY organised its annual open day during which many families were able to discover the fabulous universe of bees and the aim of our project.


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