An eco-built shop, bees, education

For several years now, Caméléon has been putting the magnificent green roof of its eco-built premises at the disposal of bees. The hive that graces its roof is home to 4 colonies of bees that see to the conservation of plants in Woluwé!

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Caméléon also educates youngsters about and makes them aware of the importance of biodiversity and pollinators:

  • it welcomes schools to take part in the activities BEEODIVERSITY organises;  
  • a bee trail, at the entrance of the building, gives visitors an opportunity to discover the fascinating universe of these insects.

Here you can for instance learn that when the weather gets really hot, bees will keep a low profile, i.e. a large number of bees will cluster outside the beehive to ensure that it doesn't become overly hot inside the hive. Conversely, when it gets cold, activity in the hive slows down.
Do take your children to see the bee trail!
Caméléon also supports the BEEODIVERSITY project by distributing organic honey!

Caméléon is always at the ready to support our project be it through activities or by putting us in touch with potential partners. Then again, the well-being of bees is as important to them as that of their staff and customers. And the bees can only rejoice…. It is a pleasure to work with partners in such a spirit of collaboration. Thank you!

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