Knokke-Heist project – A place to Bee

Bees and plantings of native species for a better environment

Knokke-Heist is the first town in Belgium to appoint bees as guardians of the environment.

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BEEODIVERSITY and Knokke-Heist developed a project for the wider public which more specifically comprises:

  • A centre for bees and biodiversity in the gardens of the Scharpoord Cultural Centre that highlights the functioning of bees and the role they play in biodiversity and food diversity.
  • More than 10 bee and biodiversity plots schools, residents of and visitors to Knokke-Heist can visit to learn more about honeybees and other pollinators.
  • Two cycling routes and one walking trail where people can learn all about bees, biodiversity, nectar-rich plants, pollinators, butterflies, wild flowers, field flowers, etc. A map of the routes/trail and an educational questionnaire can be obtained from the tourist office.
  • A "greener" landscaping of public, developed and open spaces, with information boards that tell people and raise their awareness about/of the importance of flowers and bees. BEEODIVERSITY advised the town on the type of plants to reintroduce and their choice.

With this project, Knokke-Heist does not only want to raise awareness of and enhance biodiversity, but also wants to monitor the environment in a scientific manner. With the help of the monitoring tool BEEODIVERSITY developed, Knokke-Heist now has a better understanding of the biodiversity situation on the ground (presence of pesticides or pollution, types of plants and their evolution, nutritional quality of plants…) and is in a position to take measures to protect and improve nature for the benefit of its residents in the broader sense: man, animals, insects, plants etc. on the basis of concrete indicators. BEEODIVERSITY is helping Knokke-Heist to implement these measures.

Knokke-Heist is the first town that followed us in this risky gamble of developing a global project around pollinators and biodiversity for the well-being of the entire city. It has been a resounding success and Knokke-Heist is hoping to extend this project. Thank you for this partnership that has given the BEEODIVERSITY project another dimension and helped us to increase its impact.

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