Sodexo – Les pollinisateurs font bon ménage avec la qualité de vie, la santé et une alimentation durable


Pollinators go hand in hand with quality of life, health and sustainable food

Did you know that…? One in four Belgians is in contact with Sodexo every day! And now that BEEODIVERSITY is after delivering 3 bee colonies to the new Sodexo site in Brussels, which also features an urban potager and a bug hotel, numbers are sure to swell.

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BEEODIVERSITY campaigns for a better environment and for the preservation of food diversity. Within the framework of its healthy and sustainable food policy, Sodexo has nailed its colours to the mast in relation to animal welfare: no chickens or rabbits reared in cages, no castrated pigs, and this, every day, for every single one of their 250,000 daily consumers. The bees couldn't be in kinder hands.
Sodexo, world leader in "Quality of Life Services", is therefore a major partner in view of its commitment to the environment, health and sustainable food.

Another new partner we are thrilled to have on board!

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