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Bees at the service of the quality of mineral water

For over 125 years, Spa Monopole has been running an extensive programme to protect the environment and the water resources of Spa. The Spa mineral waters conservation area currently covers an area of more than 13,000 hectares.

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It was essential to Spa Monopole that it could also check the positive impact of these measures to protect biodiversity and the environment in general, more specifically by checking the absence of pollutants such as pesticides. However, putting a monitoring system in place for an area of that size and taking samples manually proved to be impossible.

This is why BEEODIVERSITY put 8 colonies on the site, i.e. 400,000 bees that preserve biodiversity purely through pollination and which, over an area of +/- 3000 hectares, collect numerous samples via the pollen and nectar they bring back to the hive. As a result, BEEODIVERSITY is now able to perform scientific analyses on the basis of these samples and study the biodiversity state of play using bee-related indicators. In turn, these analyses allow Spa Monopole to monitor the quality of the biodiversity and the absence of any contaminants to ensure that the quality of their mineral waters can be guaranteed.

On the basis of the results obtained, BEEODIVERSITY furthermore advises Spa Monopole on any measures that need to be taken (e.g.: the reintroduction of plants) to enhance the environment and more specifically the ecosystems associated with pollinators.

Spa Monopole was the first partner to opt for our environmental monitoring tool. Their expertise and know-how was of immeasurable value in terms of fine-tuning this tool and our services in general. We thank Spa Monopole for their trust and their collaborative spirit which is so precious to a start-up!

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