Biodiversity and
pollinators on your doorstep

  • Are you a company or public entity?
  • Does your social responsibility policy include the preservation of biodiversity?
  • Are you developing a project that is likely to have an impact on the environment?
  • Do you want to do something for your town's environment and the well-being of your citizens?
  • Are you mindful of your environment and that of your neighbours?

Designing an environmental project is a complex matter as it will invariably impact on the ecosystems. Planting, for instance, is not all that simple! You need to choose plants that are suited to the environment, the species present, nutrient deficiencies….

We can help and advise you with/on the most appropriate measures to enhance pollinator-specific biodiversity without losing sight of the other species.

We make sure that any projects we design are not only good for the environment but also generate returns for our partners, more specifically at an economic level.

Our proposal:

  • A site survey before we embark on any project to ensure that our solutions complement the existing ecosystems.
  • Next, we sit down with you to identify the objectives of the project, whether they are of an environmental, informational or economic… nature.
  • Then we design a project that is beneficial to biodiversity and to your stakeholders. The type of measures we recommend range from sowing indigenous plants, sowing nectar and pollen-rich plants, installing nesting boxes, shelters and bug hotels to late mowing and wild-flower set-aside...
  • To ensure the success of your project, we bring the key players on board. The positive impact of the project will be extended on a regular basis and will unite other local actors. For instance, we raise the awareness of farmers with regard to sustainable practices, train beekeepers, invite citizens or your staff to take action in their gardens…
  • We coordinate the parties involved and implement your project
  • The impact of the project is followed up with the help of our environmental monitoring tool. Where necessary, this tool allows us to identify any other actions that may be required to boost the beneficial effects of the project even further.


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