Interior and exterior landscaping:
For well-being & efficiency

Beeodiversity amenagements exterieurs UKScientific studies have proven that the contact with green areas (interior and/or exterior) has a positive impact on:

  • stress reduction;
  • the decrease of complaints relating to health issues and of the days of leave of employees;
  • the recovery of concentration fatigue and, as a result, a better efficiency;
  • memory and emotions.

According to a study of the GRAP, salaries represent 84% of the annual costs per administrative surface unit of a building. The outstanding costs relate to leasing costs (14 %) as well as energy and maintenance costs (2 %). Thus, the efficiency of employees highly impacts the profitability of a company.


Develop interior building designs and exterior landscaping that is positive for the biodiversity and the employees while taking into account the scientific know-how relating to the impact of nature on the well-being/efficiency at work.


  • advises on the kind of project and landscaping;
  • maintenance of the green area – employees can be involved in order to enhance well-being and social connections within the company;
  • design a biophilia project which consists amongst others in favoring sunlight in a building, maximizing direct views on green areas, creating a work environment that
  • refers to nature (e.g. shapes present in the nature,…).


  • exterior landscaping for companies and public authorities;
  • collaboration with architects to design exterior and interior landscaping with a positive impact, including based on the principles of biophilia.


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