Preserve the cornerstones of our well-being

Why do we need your help ?

Beeodiversity: your return

The preservation of biodiversity

Loss of biodiversity is not merely an environmental matter but also affects our food diversity, our health, our culture, our economy…

By helping to preserve biodiversity, you help to preserve the cornerstones of our well-being. Your stakeholders will thank you!


Your staff are mindful of the environment they work in and of their well-being. By offering them a site that respects biodiversity, you will meet that need. Moreover, our projects aim to unite and involve your staff.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the rewards you get to reap!


Public authorities, citizens, your own staff, your customers, your suppliers are all aware of the environmental challenges we face and many of them integrate this dimension into their choices and decisions.

Every single one of our projects is designed with your stakeholders in mind.

By taking action to preserve biodiversity, you are working for the benefit of your stakeholders!


Do you sell a particular product? Doesn't your product contain an ingredient or raw material that has been affected by pollinator loss or pesticides or heavy metals?

Are you in the business of providing a service? Does it not rely on the environment?

If not, one or several of your stakeholders are bound to…!


Your commitment to biodiversity will be visible to your teams, the actors of your ecosystem, the BeeOdiversity community and the wider public.

We will supply you with the tools to make sure of that.



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