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National bee monitoring

To be able to take the appropriate measures to preserve bee populations it is essential that we can assess their evolution. Bach Kim Nguyen, together with the University of Liège and the University of Ghent, has been using a national bee monitoring system since 2004. This system allows us to calculate the evolution of the mortality rates in bee colonies in our country.

Training and conferences

Bach Kim Nguyen makes sure to share his knowledge with beekeepers who are keen to preserve their colonies. He helps to train beekeepers at training apiaries and also makes time to train veterinary surgeons as they too have an important contribution to make.

We also host numerous conferences.


We give bee colonies to beekeepers who have sustained considerable losses. Unfortunately we cannot make up for all the losses we see today. Beekeepers we give colonies to are randomly selected from amongst those who took part in the national monitoring programme. We also supply training apiaries with colonies.


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