Biodiversity: that richness is incredible!

Beeodiversity: La biodiversité de manière générale

Scientists estimate that Belgium boasts some 55,000 species. That richness is incredible! Unfortunately, species are currently disappearing 1,000 to 10,000 faster than they would naturally do. Scientists deem that, by 2025, 20% of these species will have disappeared. By 2050, those losses could rise to 50%.

Biodiversity is a generic concept that is defined as the natural diversity of living organisms. It encompasses a complex of ecosystems, species and genes. These ecosystems and, more generally speaking, biodiversity provide numerous so-called "ecosystem services" that benefit man and other species. These for instance include the production of oxygen, pollination, biomass production, water purification, soil conservation, food production, etc. They have an ethical value (conservation of species), an ecological value (water quality, climate regulation, soil fertility, etc.), an economic value (production of food, medicines, raw materials, etc.) and an emotional value (well-being, culture, etc.). It is these services that make biodiversity so indispensable to the survival and well-being of man.

So, biodiversity is not just a matter for specialists who explore and study it; it is essentially our means of survival. In fact, from near or far, we are all implicated in its use, be it as a business, a farmer, scientist, industrialist, politician, or quite simply as a child or parent.

Beeodiversity is…

Beeodiversity: plusieurs projets par anSeveral new projects ever year to help pollinators and boost diversity

Beeodiversity: Plusieurs milliers de graines mèllifères et pollinifères par anSeveral thousands of nectar and pollen-rich seeds every year

Beeodiversity: 250 colonies d'abeilles250 colonies of bees
Less than 5% colony losses per year

Beeodiversity: Plus de 175.000ha pollinisés par anMore than 70,000 ha pollinated every year

Beeodiversity: Plus d'un million d'abeilles offertes par anMore than one million bees offered every year

Beeodiversity: Beeodiversity: coloniesPlus de 1.500ha de terres agricoles cultivées dans le respect des abeilles par nos partenaires agriculteursMore than 1,500 ha of farmland farmed with due regard for bees

Beeodiversity: Plus d'une centaine d'apiculteurs partenairesMore than one hundred beekeeper partners

Beeodiversity: Deux conférences nationales et internationales par an organisées avec nos partenaires institutionnelsNational and international conferences organised with our institutional partners every year

Beeodiversity: Plusieurs milliers de personnes sensibilisées par an au travers de la presse et des réseaux sociauxSeveral thousands of people made aware every year


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